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Jennifer Howell is a lifelong film-lover, feminist, and romantic.  She’s previously directed and acted in theater and is eager to bring that experience (and her English major) to the task of analyzing stories. She currently lives in Wisconsin, where she enjoys screenwriting, meditation, spending time in nature, and hanging out with her wonderful husband and adorable yet naughty cat. This is her first podcast.


Favorite Rom Coms: When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing, Romancing the Stone 

Rom Com Heroine She Identifies With: Baby/Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing”

Rom Com Crush: Chris Evans as Colin in “What’s Your Number?”




Sophia Gilbert has a BA in Theatre and Masters in Film. You’ll hear Sophia talk a lot about her 13 years living in Brooklyn, NY with her family, and her love for her roots in Chicago, IL AND growing up in a small town in Wisconsin.  She and her husband and daughter are now settled in St. Paul, MN.  

Sophia asked her 7-year-old daughter for help on what to say for this bio. This is what her daughter said: “Mama is brave and strong and she helps her family out when they need it.” You know, when she’s not watching movies. ;)



Contributing Host

Cybil has a passion for skincare, travel, romance novels, and movies which made guesting on Every Rom Com a dream gig. She may currently live in Las Vegas (thanks, 2020) but she considers herself a California girl for life. She has two cats who control her life - and a significant other of 20 years, so those romance novels must be teaching her something!

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